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What We Can Do For You:

CV review and advice


Our consultants are trusted advisors. We make ourselves available to advise candidates with

additional needs, such as detailed CV review and analysis. In our view, the more detail the better!

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Technical and competency based interview preparation


We supply a detailed programme that covers off on all aspects of what our candidates might be interviewed on, tailor-made for every role we work on! Often interviewers will play their cards very close to their chests, in that they are not willing to divulge exactly what they will ask in an interview.  On that basis, our advice is based on the idea that they will ask you everything!

Detailed feedback throughout the process


Guided by our core values of honesty and integrity, we utilise the highest levels of discretion and professionalism when dealing with job applications. We’ll keep you updated at all stages of the recruitment process, and provide you with honest, timely feedback.

Career mentoring and guidance


Our consultants provide mentoring and guidance to help our candidates achieve their goals. As a qualified lawyer and experienced recruiter, Managing Director Frieda Crawford, has been a respected member of the legal community for many years, and has a comprehensive knowledge of all areas of the legal profession and the qualities required to succeed as a lawyer. Our consultants will focus on identifying a fit that aligns with your personality, skills, and experience. We pride ourselves on our honest and authentic advice.

Career progression and development


We take the time to listen to our candidates and to understand their career ambitions and personal requirements. Our consultants provide practical advice to guide our candidates career development and to help them position themselves competitively in the market. With our detailed knowledge of the legal market, we’re able to inform our candidates about the best opportunities on offer around the world. With contacts around the globe, we’re able to connect you with employers in leading law firms both locally and internationally. We will help you imagine new possibilities!

Benefits of working with us

Global placements

We recruit for clients from both private practice and in-house environments. Our clients are based in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Asia, the Middle East and selected offshore jurisdictions. We cater to all job levels, from graduates and junior lawyers to senior partners and general counsel. Whatever your career aspirations, we will do our best to help you achieve them!

Candidates feel like clients

Our consultants invest time in our candidates to help them achieve their long-term goals. We take the time to get to know the lawyers we work with, guiding our candidates through the application process, giving them the best opportunity to make the right impression. Every time our consultants approach candidates, it is personalised and specific to their needs. Our consultants are focused on ensuring you feel listened to and valued.

Cultural fit

We believe successful talent acquisition does not rely solely on sourcing candidates with the required level of experience and expertise. We understand people differ in their personalities, attitudes and values; therefore, we look beyond the CV to ensure the role is the right fit for our candidate. What cultural contribution will you make to the organisation? Will you offer a dimension that our client is missing? Will you bring a viewpoint or context that our client does not currently have? Is this the right work environment for you? Finding the right cultural fit will mean you will be happier and more engaged, putting you in a better position to maximise your potential and reach your goals. We will help you find a role that suits your needs!


We recognise that diversity leads to a variety of ideas, knowledge, and ways of doing things. We encourage applications from candidates that are representative of all backgrounds and cultures, as long as you can demonstrate that you possess the required skills, experience, competencies and attributes in order to deliver to the role.

Authentic advice

Our strong understanding of the market gives our candidates specialised, personalised, and authentic advice. We are focused on providing advice that is specific to your individual needs.


I am thinking of studying law. How important is it to acquire good grades?

Many top-tier law firms will only proceed with an application based on excellent academics. To aid your success in reaching your goals it would be ideal to have a grade point average of at least a B+.

I am a recent graduate and people often ask me what area of law I am going to specialise in. How important is it to know this at the early stage of my career?

The first two years of post-admission experience are vital in building your foundation of knowledge. Regardless of your interest in law, it is important to keep your options open and avoid focusing on one area of law too early. If you are able to demonstrate a variety of skills and experience, you will have more career development options later on.

As a recent graduate, I am unsure what type of legal environment would be better suited to me. How can I identify whether I should apply for boutique, mid-tier, top-tier, or in-house roles?

What type of legal environment suits your needs and aspirations? The first few years of your career are very important, as the organisation you train with will impact the type of lawyer you are to become. When you have done your own research, and discussed this matter with lawyers you know, please get in touch with one of our consultants and we will help you to identify exactly what is right for you.

As a recent graduate, I am unsure what my salary expectations should be. What do I need to consider when I am deciding on my preferred salary?

Your level of salary will often correlate directly with the type of firm or organisation you choose to work in, as well as your level of post-admission experience.  Salaries vary across the market. You need to think long and hard about what you would like to achieve. Do you want to maximise your potential and achieve a long-term career goal? Would you prefer to focus on a work-life balance? There are many factors to consider. When you have decided on what you would like out of your career, contact one of our consultants and we will advise you on what salary you are likely to be offered in the type of organisation or firm you would like to work for.

I had a lapse of employment. How do I ensure it will not be detrimental to my application?

Your CV should detail what you have been doing since you were admitted to the Bar. If you have taken time of work for any reason whether it be travel, sickness, parental leave or other, include it in your CV. Gaps of employment can be misinterpreted as omitting a role. It is better to state why you were not employed than to leave questions unanswered.

I am a Commonwealth qualified lawyer and my goal is to work for a top-tier law firm offshore. What should I be doing now to aid my success in securing employment overseas?

In many offshore jurisdictions, including the UK, 2 years of post-admission experience in New Zealand is considered to be graduate level in their jurisdiction. Therefore, ideally you should have at least 3 years of post-admission experience in New Zealand before going offshore. To increase your chances in securing employment, 2 years of your experience should be acquired in a top-tier law firm in New Zealand.

How important is a cover letter?

Taking the time to highlight why you want to work for a specific organisation and why you are the ideal candidate for the job grabs the attention of a prospective employer immediately. It is very important.

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