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Choose Local!: The Case for Using a Local Recruitment Agency

Being part of the team of five million in New Zealand means keeping each other healthy and safe, and it also means supporting each other through these tough times. One way you can help is to choose local businesses. 

It has always been a feel-good thing to do to support local businesses, but now the need to put a vote of confidence in our fellow Kiwis is even more vital. To choose local businesses at this crucial time means keeping your community vibrant and humming and making sure your neighbour can put food on the table.

Luckily, choosing local in New Zealand doesn’t mean missing out on quality. Take Wellington, for example. From markets like Moore Wilson’s to boutiques like Madame Fancy Pants, from breweries like Parrotdog to independent cinemas like Lighthouse Cinema, there are so many world-class options right at our doorstep. While it has a global reach, our very own Clarity Consulting Group is also a quality New Zealand small business, locally owned and operated from the heart of Wellington. 

There are a few other local recruiters in Wellington as well, but we are outnumbered by the multinational agencies. We manage to retain our market share by offering personalised and thoughtful services for both clients and candidates. 

If you are on the hunt for a new role, please get in touch with us at Clarity Consulting Group first. When international borders open up again, whether via the Trans-Tasman Bubble with Australia or to more far-flung locations (think Budapest, Hanoi, Dubai, and beyond!), if you are considering a move, please make the local choice with Clarity Consulting Group

Contact our Managing Director Frieda Crawford at to see what we have coming up in the pipeline.