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Frieda Crawford


Founder and Managing Director of Clarity Consulting Group

Frieda Crawford is the Founder and Managing Director of Clarity Consulting Group, established in August 2011. Frieda holds a Bachelor of Laws and was admitted to the High Court of New Zealand in Wellington in December 1997. From 1997 to 2003, Frieda worked as a securities and financial services lawyer, within top tier national law firm environments, as well as for a global consulting leader in retirement and investments.

Since 2003, Frieda has utilised her legal knowledge and leveraged her extensive local and international networks in order to provide legal recruitment consulting services to the public and private sector, locally and globally. She has provided those services within a well-known global recruitment consultancy, for a New Zealand owned national recruitment agency and now, her own global legal recruitment consultancy.

Frieda has served numerous top-tier law firms, corporate and public sector organisations in many countries around the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, the United States of America (San Francisco), the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Mainland China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Bahamas, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

For Clarity Consulting Group, client and candidate satisfaction are equally paramount. Frieda looks forward to providing you with honest, lateral, thought provoking advice that will make the difference, either to your recruitment campaign, or, to the development of your legal career.


Senior Recruitment Consultant

Olivia is a Senior Recruitment Consultant based in our Wellington headquarters. She manages the end-to-end search and recruitment process for our clients both in New Zealand and overseas, providing tailored and responsive service and experienced search strategies. In addition, Olivia plays a key role in Clarity’s strategic development and business management.

Olivia holds degrees in law and accounting from Victoria University of Wellington. Olivia practiced law for a number of years as a Solicitor for Inland Revenue and the Financial Markets Authority. Most recently, she was the principal Consultant – Legal at a global recruitment agency.

apryl burgess senior legal recruitment consultant


Senior Recruitment Consultant & Brand Manager

Apryl is a Recruitment Consultant and Brand Manager based in Clarity Consulting Group’s office in Wellington. She has been working closely with Frieda for over three years providing legal recruitment consulting services to the public and private sector, locally and globally. Her primary focus is to build valuable, long term relationships with candidates and clients. Apryl graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media and Film and has previous experience in legal administration and recruitment.

Apryl aims to provide open and timely communication throughout the recruitment process, working collaboratively on our candidates’ legal career development whilst ensuring we identify the right cultural fit for our clients.

Apryl implements her expertise by developing Clarity Consulting Group’s candidate acquisition strategies, as well as managing branding and online content to increase candidate engagement, and to identify the best talent in the market place. Apryl has a proven record of excellent interpersonal skills. She uses these skills, along with her media, planning and communication skills, to source high-calibre candidates in legal positions both in local and international markets.


Senior Consultant


Based in Hawke’s Bay, Morgan is a Senior Consultant for Clarity Consulting Group. Her focus is on managing and advising on business development projects and research, from strategy to execution. She works closely with the Managing Director on behalf of both clients and candidates to provide consulting services that improve quality and efficiency.

Morgan has an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) from Victoria University of Wellington and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. She practised law in Wellington for several years, and has recently returned to New Zealand after living in Vancouver, Canada, where she was the HR Manager for a large construction company.


Recruitment Consultant


Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Tayla is a Recruitment Consultant for Clarity Consulting Group. Her main focus is on helping Clarity Consulting Group to build valuable, long term relationships with their clients and candidates. She is well equipped to undertake intelligent and transparent recruitment selection and executive searches in the local and international markets.

Tayla is currently studying at Victoria University of Wellington. She is studying towards a conjoint degree of a Bachelor of Arts; majoring in Political Science and International Relations and a Bachelor of Science; majoring in Psychology and Development Studies.

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Research Consultant


Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Sophie is a Research Consultant for Clarity Consulting Group. Her primary role is sourcing high quality candidates and undertaking research for clients and candidates. Working closely with Clarity Consulting Group’s consultants, she is well equipped to undertake intelligent and transparent recruitment selection and executive search.

Sophie is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science and International Relations, at the University of Canterbury.